Genpower & Socially Responsible Enterprise

Socially Responsible Enterprise (SRE) comes naturally in our business philosophy and culture.

First of all, Genpower intends to run an economically viable, sustainable business with good prospects, while striking a balance between a healthy business return, a better environment and optimum wellbeing for our workforce and society as a whole.

These People (workforce wellbeing), Profit (responsible return) & Planet (eco-friendly business methods) aspects present us with opportunities for developing new products and additional services while improving our processes.

We also think that Passion & Pleasure should be the driving force behind every person working at Genpower. Work based on passion for the job, combined with pleasure in doing the job and interacting with colleagues, customers, and other contacts.

At Genpower, we are aware like nobody else of the urgency behind establishing a properly functioning emergency power system. Building on our ISO9001:2008 quality system we intend to ensure our commitment to meeting the requirements of our customers by setting concrete annual targets and taking a proactive approach.

Whenever possible we will make socially responsible business choices and base our actions on the following business principles:

  • to offer our customers the best possible quality and service
  • to offer reasonable prices
  • to build a long-term relationship with our customers
  • to improve our market position by offering competitive rates and innovative products
  • to look for new markets and collaborations
  • to create and invest in a strong business culture and a healthy, good and safe working environment for our workforce
  • to stimulate various forms of training for our workforce in order to ensure optimum use of knowledge and skills, and to keep our workforce interested in as well as connected to our organisation
  • to actively contribute to the development of our industry, and to transfer knowledge to those who wish to learn more about it

Within Genpower the following SRE issues are actively addressed:

  • Genpower seeks to minimise the environmental impact of the production process
  • Genpower arranges for the responsible and separate disposal of hazardous waste materials such as lubricants, cooling fluids, and batteries
  • Genpower is a Kenteq-accredited training company offering students opportunities for further development through internships
  • Genpower invests in its product range to help create innovative products
  • Genpower invests in the digitisation of its document flow

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