Power management

Saving fuel thanks to smart switching of generators?
The new generation Genpower 200 kVA and 400 kVA rental generators feature smart switching and optimised (synchronised) operation circuitry. Benefits include:

  • Lower costs thanks to lower fuel consumption
  • Reduced emission of noxious gases
  • Optimised generator efficiency
  • Lower hire cost thanks to reduced running hours
  • Simple and fast on-site installation
  • Remote monitoring

How does it work?

You start the first generator manually. As soon as the set’s load reaches a certain value, the second generator is automatically started. When the load increases even further, the third generator kicks in. This enables you to use for example three 400 kVA generators for a maximum power requirement of 1200 kVA. Of course, the extra generators are started up only when you need more power.

  • The initial load is handled by generator no. 1
  • As power demand increases, the second generator is switched on
  • If power demand peaks, the third generator comes on line
  • When the demand for power drops, the extra generators are switched off one by one

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