Don’t waste time arranging fuel deliveries or negotiating fluctuating prices with local suppliers. Avoid unexpected power cuts caused by running your set dry or using the wrong type of fuel.

Genpower will be happy to take fuel management worries out of your hands. It just takes a single phone call to arrange everything, and we will make sure that your power source receives the right kind of fuel, on time, throughout the project. We can do so by arranging fixed refuelling times, or by fitting the fuel tanks with sensors which we monitor remotely (including outside office hours!).

We guarantee 24-hours service to any location in the Netherlands. Every day, our fuel tankers are en route to provide nationwide coverage. Whether your site is in the southern tip of the country or on one of the isles in the north, we’ll make sure you’re all right. The cost of this service? Nothing at all! All you pay for is the fuel we deliver, at current prices.

Genpower fuel management benefits

  • we guarantee fuel delivery at the time and place agreed
  • minimum disruption means maximised productivity
  • guaranteed fuel quality, so no risk of downtime and equipment damage due to polluted fuel
  • we also supply fuel for equipment not hired from us
  • competitive fuel prices, no transport costs
  • remote monitoring of fuel levels
  • all it takes is a single telephone call
  • all deliveries comply with ADR regulations regarding the transport by road of hazardous materials
  • we use eco-friendly, double-walled fuel tanks
  • manual or electric pumps and filling nozzles can also be supplied
  • all deliveries include a computer-calibrated delivery specification to ensure that you pay only for the quantity of fuel you receive

IBC fuel tank models with KIWA and ADR approval

  1. IBC fuel tank 1150 l
  2. IBC fuel tank 2000 l
  3. IBC fuel tank 3000 l
  4. Fuel tank container 8000 l

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