A proper earth connection offers extra protection by preventing equipment chassis from carrying live voltages.Many people think that an earth lead is not all that important, but earthing is a conscious choice for reliability and safety, provided the NEN and IEC standards are followed to the letter.

Genpower recommends

For a temporary system we recommend that you sink 2 ground rods with a ground contact resistance of no more than 100 ohm, and that you connect these to the generator set’s earth terminal.

For permanent, structural installations, e.g. for supplying a building or for emergency power backup, we recommend a ground contact resistance of no more than 5 ohm, with potential equalisation effected by means of structural earthing.

We can also supply solutions for earthing generators on mobile equipment or on board ships, where no permanent earth is available.

Our service engineer will provide you with a full completion report of each earth connection we install.

Don’t waste your time sorting out earthing arrangements. For more information, please contact us about details on the earthing services we provide for the generator sets you hire: +31 (0) 184 601 990.

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