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Genpower huur aggregaten stroomberekening

How much power do I need?

The Genpower online calculator lets you calculate the power or current your generator should be able to supply for your project or application. Please take into account the inrush current of any electric motors and pumps. To select the right type of generator, multiply a device’s nominal current by the factor determined by the starting method used for the device.


Starting method

Direct on-line
SA Motor


Inrush current

ca. 6,0  - 8,0 x In
ca. 2,0  - 2,7 x In
ca. 1,5  - 2,0 x In
ca. 1,5  - 3,0 x In
ca. 1,0  - 2,0 x In


Voltage Volt
Current Ampère
Cosphi φ
Power kW
Voltage Volt
Power kW
Cosphi φ
Power kVA
Current Ampère

Our solution:

For your power requirements, Genpower recommends the use of at least the following generator. Click the selection for a full specification.

20 kVA40 kVA60 kVA80 kVA100 kVA125 kVA
150 kVA175 kVA200 kVA225 kVA250 kVA300 kVA
350 kVA400 kVA500 kVA600 kVA650 kVA700 kVA
800 kVA900 kVA1000 kVA1250 kVA1500 kVA1750 kVA
2000 kVA

The calculation result is provided purely as a guideline.
Genpower accepts no liability whatsoever based on these values.