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Genpower verdeelkasten verhuur

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A Unique type fully rubberised distribution unit mounted and featuring;

Input connection

  • 1x CEE 32Amp. 5p. 

Output connections

  • 1x transit 32Amp. 5p
  • 2x CEE 32Amp. 5p. 
  • 6x Schuko 230V 16Amp. 2p.

Safety protection

  • 1x automatic circuit breakers 25A/3p
  • 3x automatic circuit breakers 16A/1p
  • 2x residual current breakers 40A 0.03A


  • length is 330 mm. 
  • width is 330 mm.
  • height is 325 mm. 


  • fully rubberised unit mounted with handle 
  • stackable

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