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Genpower huur omschakelpanelen

Rent an ATS with power monitor 

Genpower can supply an ATS for any power requirement to provide automatic emergency power backup in the event of a power failure. The ATS ensures that in the event of a power failure the generator is automatically started to provide emergency power.
The automatic power transfer takes about 10 to 15 seconds to complete. Once mains power is restored, the system automatically switches back from generator power to mains power with minimal interruption (approx. 60 ms). 
After a cooling down period of approximately 3 minutes loadless operation the generator will stop running and remain on standby for future power failures.

We offer the following configurations for hire:

  • ATS panel 80 A
  • ATS panel 150 A
  • ATS panel 225 A
  • ATS panel 400 A
  • ATS panel 800 A
  • ATS panel 1000 A
  • ATS panel 1500 A


ATS 150A 175x233

ATS 225A 1750x233

ATS kasten 292x233