Genpower B.V. is a leading operator for rental and sales of power generators for temporary and permanent use. We offer turnkey solutions for the manufacturing, shipping, IT, defence, petrochemical, telecoms, offshore industries and for special events. We achieve this by continually making durable and innovative investments to improve our generator sets, our 24/7 customer service, and the expertise of our workforce.

Whatever the time of day, you can be sure of the help and support provided by the experts at Genpower. Our extensive rental fleet of 300 generator sets with power outputs ranging from 20 kVA to 2000 kVA enables us to provide an immediate and tailored response to your request from stock. Genpower can supply generators in combination with a wide range of ancillary equipment such as fuel tanks, distribution panels, power cables, transformers, load banks, switching boards etc.

Our philosophy: the customer comes first

We will do our utmost to make sure our products and services help our customers to achieve their aim:

  • by always offering the best and most economical solution to a customer’s power requirement;
  • by helping our customers quickly and correctly whenever they seek our support;
  • by unburdening a customer through additional services that create true added value, such as technical consultancy, a 24/7 service guarantee, fuel management, remote monitoring, planning, transport facilities, and availability arrangements.

Industry-specific knowledge, extensive experience with our customers, and a feel for future market developments will enable us to keep developing new and improved products that meet the requirements of our customers.


Genpower intends to be a good and reliable supplier to its customers, and a good employer to its workforce. We aim to make a positive contribution to our environment by continuing to invest in fuel-efficient and clean-burning generator sets and smart solutions. In doing so, the focus will be on lowering costs by reducing fuel consumption and reducing the emission of noxious gases.

What do customers say about Genpower?