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Construction projects require full power systems, not just during the initial phases, but often throughout the project. Genpower can give you the right advice and will deliver the right equipment to the right place.

Since our lorries are driven by our own experienced, VCA-certified engineers, we can also offer on-site advice and instructions for using the equipment. Our drivers are also ADR-certified, which means that we are authorised to transport and deliver our fuel tanks already filled. In addition, we can provide on-site refilling of your fuel tanks.

With the construction industry in mind, Genpower developed the Cleanergy! generator. Major features include:

  • very fuel-efficient EUR Stage IIIA diesel drive unit
  • very low noise level at 51 dB(A)
  • a built-in 1000 l fuel tank ensures uninterrupted operation for extended periods
  • a rugged 10 ft container enclosure provides protection against vandalism, theft and unauthorised use

For more information, please contact our rental department, or download the leaflet.

All our generators can easily be combined with our ancillary equipment, including: