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One thing is for sure, no two industries are the same. 
So you need power on your building site or at a special event? On board ship or on an off-shore platform? In a hospital or for a broadcasting transmitter? Or...
Genpower offers industry-specific rental solutions. Our experts will quickly and professionally process your request and will give you clear advice. In addition we will support you during installation, service and maintenance. Genpower generators feature all-weather, soundproofed enclosures (20 – 400 kVA) or come in their own soundproofed shipping container (500 – 2000 kVA). Genpower generators are highly reliable and minimise environmental impact.

We offer powerful solutions for specific applications:

Mobile generators

Some projects require the generator sets to be moved from time to time. In such cases we can provide generator sets mounted on a mobile chassis.

Green generators

The latest generation Genpower rental generators in the 20, 40, 200, 400 kVA range are fully compliant with the Euro Stage IIIA/EPA Tier 3 standard, so they offer reduced emission of fine dust, CO₂ and NOx. In addition, they offer low fuel consumption, extremely low noise levels, and a double-walled fuel tank.

Quiet generators

We can supply super quiet generators in several power ranges that are perfect for use in sensitive environments such as in residential areas or near office buildings. These generators are constructed using powerful Euro Stage IIIA/EPA Tier 3 diesel drive units, so they comply with the strictest emission standards.

Twinpack generators

This system combines two generators that are run in synchronised mode. Should one of the generators fail, the other unit takes over the full power load without any interruption. This guarantees a completely uninterrupted power supply at any time. These generator sets have a low environmental impact and low noise levels.

BigTank generators

These generators were designed specifically for long-term autonomous running, taking into account extended maintenance intervals and low noise production.

Industrial generators

Genpower supplies generators that are perfect for providing temporary power during maintenance projects, when transformers need to be switched out, and in the event of a power failure. Our rental range also includes flexible power cables, CEE extension cables, distribution panels and cabinets, synchronisation panels, double-walled fuel tanks, etc.

Fuel management

Genpower can monitor the fuel level of your generator remotely, and refill the tank when needed, so you don't have to worry about refuelling arrangements and will be spared nasty surprises. Contact us about the available options: +31 (0) 184 601 990.

Download the Genpower fuel management service brochure

Just hire, don't worry

Genpower itself handles the delivery of its generators using its own fleet of Euronorm-5 lorries. Our technical experts take care of installation and commissioning, and our service department handles scheduled maintenance.