The history of Genpower

In 1992, in premises in the town of Groot-Ammers, Genpower starts up an all-round company supplying power sets. Although the company’s activities focus on the rental business, various other disciplines, including development, design, construction and sales of generators also form part of the business.

Initially, the company is engaged mainly in building up its fleet of rental generators. The company’s founders have ample technical knowledge as well as access to a wide commercial network, and it doesn’t take long for the results to show. In less than three years’ time the company manages to build up a rental fleet of 100 soundproofed generators ranging from 20 kVA to 600 kVA. In addition to designing the sets, Genpower also handles the assembly.

By this time business is brisk enough to merit the purchase of the company’s first lorry and to hire a driver. More are soon to follow.

By this time, sales are also picking up and in addition to the standard range of generators, orders for custom sets are mounting.

Progress takes its toll however, and the original site soon proves too small. With the increase in the number of customers and the expansion of the rental fleet, the company soon finds itself on the lookout for new premises, which are found when the Gelkenes industrial estate in Groot-Ammers is extended. Just a stone’s throw away from the old building a plot of land is purchased, and in 1996 construction commences on new business premises. The grand opening of the completed building takes place in October 1996.

Less than two years later, in 1998, the ICT industry awaits the approaching transition to the new millennium with growing anxiety, and generator sets are already being booked for the fateful date over a year in advance. In anticipation of future growth, the company decides to bring forward its investments in the rental fleet to meet the surging demand.

When in 2005 the need arises to increase storage space (and because the neighbouring plot won’t be for sale a second time), in 2006 the premises across the road are purchased.

In 2010, 30% of the uncovered part (2000 m²) of the site is built over, allowing a large part of the rental fleet to be kept dry at all times, and providing a more comfortable working environment for the workforce.

By 2013 the number of employees has grown to 16, and the rental fleet has been expanded to 300 generator sets ranging from 20 kVA to 2000 kVA. Every day, the company’s 3 lorries carry generators to destinations all over the country, supported by the company’s fleet of 4 service vans. You’re sure to spot us some day.

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