Genpower designs rental power sets that meet the increasing demand from our customers for economical and clean generators. Investing in clean engines and smart solutions fits in well with Genpower’s stated aim of making a positive contribution to the environment.

Our care covers the following aspects:

  • Noise
  • Emissions
  • Power & Efficiency
  • Alternative fuels
  • Particle filters


Cleanergy! generators are Genpower’s answer to the demand for environmentally friendly low-energy solutions for temporary power supplies.

These generators are in high demand and are often considered to be the ideal solution for use in nature reserves and residential areas. Genpower Cleanergy! are constructed using powerful, reliable and fuel-efficient diesel engines compliant with EPA Tier 3 and EUR stage III A emission legislation.

The Cleanergy! units are housed in a soundproofed enclosure and are then placed inside a 10 ft ISO container, fitted with soundproofed air intakes and outlets. The resulting noise level is only 51 dB(A), making Cleanergy! sets perfectly suitable for use in residential areas. The large, built-in 1000 litre fuel tank in combination with a very low fuel consumption ensures uninterrupted operation over extended periods. Their location inside a rugged 10 ft container also renders them less vulnerable to unauthorised use, vandalism and theft, giving you the added security of knowing your power supply cannot be tampered with.

Low-emission generators

Genpower continually invests in the expansion and improvement of its rental fleet. As from 2013, the investment programme is based entirely on Genpower’s aim to make a positive contribution to the reduction of atmospheric pollution. As a result, the new generators are constructed using low-emission engines. During the first phase of the programme, the 20, 40, 200, 300, and 400 kVA generators will be constructed using Stage IIIA engines, while the 800 kVA and 1250 kVA generators will receive EPA Tier 2 engines. The other power classes will be treated during the second phase.

Power efficiency

Using clean fuel is good for the environment, but using less fuel is even better of course. We invest in generators with clean and fuel-efficient diesel engines and in innovative systems that contribute directly to reducing fuel costs.

Our Cleanergy! generators, whose extremely low noise level of 51 dB(A) makes them immensely popular in the construction industry, boast a fuel consumption of no more than 1 litre per hour!

Our new generation of 200 kVA, 300 kVA and 400 kVA generators can be supplied with a cascade control, which enables several interconnected generators to be switched on and off to match the power demand. This translates into huge savings in fuel consumption, i.e. lower costs and lower emission levels.

Fuels / alternative fuels

Genpower supplies all its generators with cleaner fuel as standard, thanks to the addition of XMILE.

XMILE is a fuel biocatalyst based on enzymes, and was developed especially for use in modern diesel engines. The enzymes in XMILE act on the fuel, resulting in improved and faster combustion.

Apart from saving fuel, the addition results in a reduction of CO₂ emissions by 3.5% as well as a reduction of fine dust emissions by 5.1%, while also lowering black smoke levels.

The effect of XMILE on the emission of CO₂ has been extensive investigated and fits in with Genpower’s stated aim of making a positive contribution to the environment.

GTL diesel

GTL stands for Gas To Liquid and indicates an innovative liquid fuel derived from natural gas. GTL diesel combusts more efficiently than conventional diesel fuel, which results in lower fine dust emissions. Genpower’s generators can run on GTL diesel without any modifications.

The use of GTL diesel helps to improve local air quality and helps to reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides and fine particles/soot.

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