Hybrid aggregates are a good answer to the increasingly strict requirements you have to deal with: more sustainability, less nitrogen and CO2, less noise pollution. Hybrid generators often consist of two separate parts that are linked: a generator and a battery pack. The battery supplies the required power and as soon as the battery is empty, the generator starts to supply the power and charge the battery.
Lithium battery
We have various battery packs and aggregates that you can use as a hybrid solution. Because we use lithium batteries, you use even less fuel and emit less CO2.
Hybrid aggregate all-in-one
Our hybrid aggregate is unique, which is truly all-in-one. We integrated the generator and battery pack in one cabinet, eliminating the need for inverters. We also use a Stage 5 motor. The advantages? This electric generator is compact, extra economical and quiet. And thanks to the smart self-learning software, the motor always consumes the right power.


Product overview


Product overview



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