Below you will find an overview of all battery packs that we sell and rent. Both new and used. We have had Cleanergy! Battery packs in our range that you can rent and buy. What many people don’t know yet is that we Cleanergy! Build and customize battery packs yourself. The installation is completely tailored to your situation and needs.

Silent sound

Because our Battery Packs are built in a robust container or a sound-absorbed housing, you prevent noise nuisance. Where a ‘normal’ generator produces an average of 65 to 70 dB of noise, our sound-damped units generate a noise level of only 60 dB or even less.

70% less fuel consumption

For our Cleanergy! Battery packs We use a Lithium Ion battery pack for the required energy. The generator only starts up when it is empty or when there is a peak in the power demand. As a result, the generator consumes 70% less fuel compared to a normal generator and emits up to 70% less CO2. The Cleanergy! The battery packs can also be connected to solar panels or a wind turbine.


Product overview


Product overview



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